I am calling on all those with the Mortlock surname to save the Mortlock Islands from an impending crisis. For years the residents of these islands have lived in the fear of their own  destruction while the US and other countries have continued emitting greenhouse gases.

Can we stop the madness in time to save these native peoples who are not responsible for the environmental disaster facing the planet earth?
On these pages, you will find a) a diary to share ideas of actions that can be taken with our respective governments, b) links to Mortlock Connections c) saving the Mortlock's Success Stories (pending our success), d) news of the Mortlock Islands. More...
A website by and for Mortlock familes, friends and supporters.
CNN reported in 2001, Sione Paasia, president of the Port Moresby based "Association Na Takuu" warned of "an impending starvation on Mortlock if relief is not sent soon or sea transport service does not resume immediately." CNN
In the spring of 2006, The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization reported that "high tides wiped out food crops on Caterets, Nuguria, Tasman and Mortlock three weeks ago, leaving thousands hungry."  UNPO
Pacific Magazine quoted Pacific Beat/Radio Australia Online reports the high winds and floods hit the atolls last weekend, decimating food gardens and damaging houses on Carteret, Nuguria, Mortlock and Tasman Islands.
The food shortage is believed to have become so severe that some schools were only allowing students to attend school on a half-day basis.
Carteret Atoll has been experiencing problems with food shortages for the past couple of years, due to rising sea levels and increasing population.
Pacific Magazine
As members of the extended Mortlock Family, we are just citizens. We raise our children; we work as potters, doctors, teachers, and solicitors. We are just doing our part to make the world a better place.
On the other hand, we are powerful. We are and have been important players in our communities and we can have an impact on our future world.
I call on all of you to share your ideas with the rest of us and take action in your own community to change the planet.
Thank you,
Michael (Mick) Mortlock
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